help in LondonHello, my name is John. I am a fully qualified, registered integrative counsellor offering counselling and therapy in the Highgate and East Finchley areas of North London. I have always had a great interest in people and their capacity to develop and change. As a humanistic integrative counsellor I work towards an authentic meeting of equals in every therapeutic relationship and believe that healing is dependent on the quality and depth of this connection. This two-way equal relationship creates the space for an individual to understand their own feelings and behaviours, allowing growth and maintainable change.

Therapy can help us at many times in our lives. People often start when they feel stuck in patterns of behaviour that no longer work for them or when they are struggling with life. When you engage in counselling you may want to bring unresolved issues, discuss current difficulties or talk through hopes for the future. I will work with you to decide what you want to get out of therapy and then spend sessions moving towards your end goals, exploring relevant issues with you in order to get there.

I am fully aware of how hard it can be for people to take that first step of seeing a therapist. What I know is that the vast majority of those who take this step, find it immensely helpful once they meet the right therapist with whom they can develop that ideal therapeutic rapport. I try and make sessions as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Both my Highgate and East Finchley rooms are easily located.

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