Anxiety can be a very unpleasant feeling that we all experience from time to time. We often relate anxiety to words such as, nervousness, on edge, irritable, uptight. When anxious, it can last for short periods of time or can be prolonged. Anxiety can be worrying about one issue in our life to worrying about several different things all together.

As well as mental, emotional feelings, anxiety can also produce physical symptoms, such as, feeling sick, breathlessness, increased heart rate, tension.

Anxiety can also affect how we behave and conduct ourselves. For example, when going through a period of anxiety, we can often put things off as we are afraid of the outcome. Anxiety can also cloud our judgement when making important decisions. Short bouts of anxiety can be part of our daily life, however, anxiety can become a major issue when it seems to be with us more than without. This can cause havoc in our lives, affecting our relationships, work and general health and well being.

What causes anxiety? Anxiety is often caused by a series of stressful events in our lives. It is often the case that we have an accumulation of events that can in the end become overwhelming. For example, if we go through a relationship breakdown at the same time as losing a job.

Anxiety can also be created by the way that we think or perceive things. Meaning, if we tend to have a negative thought pattern, this can often feed the anxiety as we don’t believe we can change things in our lives which can in turn, snow ball and create higher rates of anxiety.

Anxiety can sometimes lead to bouts of depression if not confronted as one can lose hope with their anxious state, thinking they can never feel normal again which can cause depression.

How can we help you’re anxiety? T Connect Counselling, we believe that to talk through our circumstances and what has led us to feel anxious can give us a better understanding of ourself and what has possibly led us here. Often just sharing this can be a help in itself and can pave the way for an anxiety free state.

We can help you through Anxiety at our Highgate and East Finchley Practice.

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