About John

John – Adv.Dip MBACP

I trained as an integrative counsellor at CPPD in North London. My course was BACP accredited and combined theory with practical experience. Being an integrative course, content covered a range of therapeutic approaches and gave me an excellent grounding in a number of different types of therapy. As a counsellor I favour the person-centred approach and the psychodynamic model but will use aspects of other therapeutic models where this will be helpful.

In my practice I offer a safe, non judgemental space and do my best to make sure the client feels comfortable with me and their surroundings. I know how difficult it can be to take those first steps in seeing a counsellor and how daunting entering into a therapeutic relationship can be but effective therapy requires open channels of communication. I ensure that I have an equal relationship with my clients and believe that trust forms the backbone of my work with my clients. It is important that you, the client, feel completely comfortable with me for change to happen.

I strongly believe that everyone can improve their lives by talking through their thoughts, feelings and concerns with an objective human being who can encourage better self understanding. Counsellors are well placed to be this listening ear. With this in mind, I aim to make my therapy accessible to all through fair pricing, a range of locations and a down-to-earth approach. I know that a lot of our problems in life revolve around relationships. This may be our relationship with ourselves or the world around us as well as our interactions with others. Understanding our own patterns of being and reacting in relationships can be the key to unlocking better ways to live and move forward.

I have worked in a range of settings, ranging from drug and alcohol centres to a primary school. I am currently working in a Harley Street clinic alongside my private practice. I am interested in working with people from all backgrounds, cultures and of all ages and believe that having a diverse client base improves my practice. I am also experienced in working with a range of presenting issues, specialising in depression, anxiety, anger management, addictions and relationship issues.

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