Relationship Counselling

Relationships are at the forefront of our everyday lives and can have a dramatic effect on our well being. Relationships can be very difficult to maintain and keep stable at times and can cause great pressures. The quality of our interactions with others, be it those closest to us or more distant friends or colleagues, impact upon other aspects of our lives, negatively or positively.

When a relationship breaks down or hits bumpier ground than usual, it can have massive consequences on family life and, sometimes, our mental health. Communication difficulties are at the heart of many arguments and can be a huge contributing factor to individuals growing apart. A greater understanding of your own thoughts and feelings and those of your relationship partner can help to re-open communication pathways and help people to find new ways of being, behaving and reacting.

Relationship issues within families can have a knock on effect on wider family dynamics and, if not resolved, can lead to a culture of in-fighting, side-taking or a lack of openness within the family unit. Relationship problems can also stem from challenges one or both partner has experienced in childhood or in past relationships, with the past negatively impacting upon the present.

External factors, such as bereavement or financial problems, can put a strain upon the closest of relationships. However, the key to a relationship not only withstanding these life events but even emerging stronger from them, is how well equipped those in the partnership are to talk about and move on from low times.

Relationship counselling can be immensely helpful for both individuals and couples, bringing a trained, impartial person into the conversation. Therapy can look at what the presenting issues are and what lies behind these difficulties, paying attention both to the past and the present in order to bring about change.

We have relationship counsellors at both Highgate and East Finchley Connect practices.

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