Stress in the work place

Stress in the work place seems to be very common in the busy paced society we are in at the moment. Peoples work loads are continually increasing due to staff cuts and just a general increase in day to day tasks. This has a knock on effect to the amount of hours people are having to work, which is leading to exhaustion, high levels of stress, increased anxiety which can cause depression.

This is becoming quite a serious issue, as it is also causing people to have problems outside of the workplace, resulting in breakdowns in relationships, increased drinking and drug use.

Alcohol and drug misuse are becoming increasingly common in the work place and are causing catastrophic effects such as addiction, lack of motivation, job loss, anxiety, depression, physical illness, issues with sleep. At our Highgate and East Finchley practice, we have counsellors that can help you through any issues you may have regarding problems or stress you may be experiencing in the workplace.



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